In harmony with your true nature

Hello all! This is a commissioned elemental drawing that I am allowed to share from a soul brother. This is a faun named Odelius. 💚

“You all have nature’s abilities within yourself. You are all creators and healers. You carry the essence of the universe within your bodies. You are all energy and an expression of the divine Light.
You chose to come here to be a specific expression of Source energy. You did not come here by accident and you did not choose to be the way you are for no reason. For this reason you must accept the truth in this reality that you are both creators and at the same time you can destroy which does not serve you.You have the force of Gaia within you and she can create but she can clear and cleanse herself of what is not for the higher good. You often misinterpret her actions as disasters, but this is not so. Nature has a way of restoring herself and this can be with a force that can destroy something with a single snap. Do not fear this power as Gaia is balancing her energies and she is restoring herself just as you are. Gaia does not fear her destructive side and she wants you to not fear your destructive side either. That which you call darkness brings fear upon you but this darkness is in reality unbalanced energy. There is no darkness once all is in harmony. Do not fear the darkness that you feel within yourself for it is energy that is trying to come forward to be healed. Do not deny the cry within your soul to see your pain and embrace yourself as Gaia is embracing you. She is all within you and once you can accept your fears you will see that there was nothing to fear at all.
Your true nature is being brought into harmony with all that is. You will no longer feel seperate and restless. No longer will you doubt your existence on this planet. Gaia is holding space for you to help you see you are a part of her and her mission for you is to BE happy. She wants you to be happy to be with her on this journey for she is the divine Mother who loves you unconditionally. You are ONE with her and with all of creation.”

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