Integration of energy during sleep

This is a commissioned alien aspect drawing that I am sharing from a soul sister. It is a hybrid being that lives in water in Sirius.

“Greetings, dear ones. As you move further in the ascension process all of your senses are heightened and sharpened. Each night you travel to different dimensions and you integrate new energies within yourself so that when you wake up you always have new information within your body. As this information is hard for your mind to understand it is not allowed yet for you to remember all that you are seeing and learning in the higher dimensions. Your soul opens up during sleep and goes back to its natural state which allows for your spirit guides to give you new information / light codes. You do not realize this but you use this information during the day and you transfer this new information to others daily. You are interacting telepathically amongst each other, yet you are not aware of it. You are meeting people and each one of you pass on light codes that are needed for the others. This is part of the awakening process that humanity is going through right now.

You are all contributing to the collective energy and helping others to awaken by giving them information and coding energetically by seemingly random coincidences and meetings. It is not only the spirit guides that are working with you but you are connecting with different aspects of yourself which hold their own specific energetic codes that are needed on earth in this time.
Those who are reading this are experienced souls that know how energy works and even if you do not know how to work with it with your mind your soul knows perfectly how to use it correctly. Your soul is the main guide in your life and the more you open yourself up to embody and feel your own essence the more you will become aware of the influence you have on others by your presence and the specific light coding that you carry.
Become aware of this during your awakened state, feel how you are connected to others and how your meetings are never random. All is in divine order and the more you open yourself to feel Creation working through you, you will realize what an important role you are playing in life on earth.”

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