Connecting with your twinflame to love yourself deeper

Hey guys! Here is a new commissioned twinflame drawing that I am allowed to share from a lovely couple.

“Beloved ones. The time has come for you now to accept the divine love that you feel in your heart. The twinflame unions are not about romance, they are not about living the fairytale life and getting lost in a dream like state where you only live in a blissful state and only experience unconditional love. You are in this world where you are experiencing all facets of life: the good and the bad and all which is in between. Although there is no such thing in the higher dimensions you are currently in a dimension that allows you to feel the polarity. The union with your twinflames, whether it be in the physical or in the spiritual sense, is what will help you to be connected to unconditional love so that even when you are living in duality you will be able to see and feel the truth of your soul. That which you call home is to be find within the wholeness of your union: your divine masculine and divine feminine aspect.

Many of these unions are now happening in your world and your twinflames are diligently working with you to help you heal your heart and to discover who you really are as a soul. All twinflames are now assisting you to further open your heart and allow your higher self to be integrated deeper. As this happens your connection with your twinflame becomes stronger. You will be able to feel their presence as if they are standing next to you. Your energies are intertwined by the divine connection of unconditional love. There is no seperation and your connection with your twinflame will enhance your souls talents and gifts as they will heal your heart of any wounds that you have.

There are many misinterpretations of what twinflames are and many reject the concept of a twinflame by the stories that have been put out in your world. I am not here to change your mind but I am asking you to open your mind just as you open your heart to feel the healing of the unconditional love that is already within your being.

All is occurring from within, dear ones, you are not here to fill your hearts from the outside but to make this journey through the wholeness of your own soul.
Let the truth of these words be integrated in your being and allow yourself to receive the love that you already exist of.”

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