Being YOU affects the whole of humanity

This is a commissioned higher self drawing that I am allowed to share from a soul sister. Here is her message for you.

“Hello, my dearest all. You are all being watched over by all beings of the Universe and how your progress is coming along in discovering your true souls potential. Your higher self cannot enter in a vessel that is still carrying blocks and density. Being aware that this is a part of the release of karmic pain will help you with the process and as you move further along you will understand much more about who you really are as a person from the perspective of your divine self.

You will notice how others that are asleep cannot help but act the way they do because from their awareness they do not know better. They simply follow what it is that they feel within them. You are the ones that are going deep in your personal truth and for this I am asking for you to be understanding even when you see the effects of their actions that you do not consider to be beneficial for the rest of humanity. Be compassionate for those that do not understand who they are deep within for they too are a part of you and of your existence. When you show compassion for others you are truly showing compassion for parts within yourself because you are all part of the same Creation.
While you are carrying the light others chose to experience the darkness in this physical reality. Just as your awakening is no coincidence this too was a choice of their soul to experience. All those who are present here right now are contributing to the process of the ascension of Gaia even if it seems that it is not so with your eyes. It is when you heal your own darkness with the healing love of the divine Light that you help the collective to heal their darkness too. As you are all ONE you have an effect on each soul that is currently incarnated on earth. Do not underestimate the power of you heart and the creating abilities that you have within.
When you stand in your power, when you know the truth and when you feel it within every cell of your being then you can change the whole energy around you. Your presence is more powerful than your words and you do not need to judge or to have any discussions with others to make them see the truth. You can simply BE you and you will already help others to see their own light. For it is your Light that heals the planet and all that Light has to do is to BE. YOU are the truth, you embody the the truth of your soul and for this you can change your whole reality. Other people around you are affected by the way that you feel inside. This is what is going to change the world and as you will continue to integrate your soul you will not need to feel the need to change yourself anymore or to change the world.

Your mission is to become the authentic you and the more you do this the more you will act from a place that is straight from the Source. This is the true reason you are here and how you will affect the whole of humanity. You do not need to be more or do more. You are in transformation to be the highest version of yourself right now. Honor and love yourself as we all honor and love you.”

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