Integrate your fire to find balance within

Hello all! This is a commissioned higher self drawing that I am allowed to share from a soul sister. She is all about fire and inner power!

“For too long you have been afraid of the fire that you have within you. All of you carry within you the four elements and all of them are being brought back in balance. Some of you came with a specific task in this life to use this fire to heal yourself and others around you. But many still fear this force as you have been made to believe that fire is destructive and it can hurt you. Therefore you have shut yourself off to this magnificent power. Those that have told you to this were simply not wanting you to use this power as they know that you can move mountains and that you are unstoppable when you are in this energy.
Have you truly integrated the power of fire within yourself? Have you used the element of fire to your benefit? Or have you feared it and let others tell you what to do and how to be?
When there is an imbalance in this energy then you will have no boundaries, no will to change, no faith in yourself, you will feel a lack in energy and all that you do is moderate.. You did not come here to be moderate, my dear ones. You came here to be FIERCE and to use ALL of your fire for the higher good. This is the time to awaken the fire within your soul, it has been dormant for too long.

For so many centuries you have had no voice and no power of matters in your life and these times are over. Stand tall, stand proud and invite the energy of fire to work with you. Watch it rise from beneath your feet and all the way up to your crown chakra. This is pure Source energy running through your whole being and with this energy you will be able to create and manifest all your dreams and hopes. Those that you were afraid of not having and not feeling good enough to own it.

Dear ones, it is your birth right to be happy and to have everything you truly want. Once you are one with this energy you will feel so grounded that nobody will be able to shake your faith or make you believe that you are less.

You are Source, you are Fire, you are Power incarnated. Own it and love yourself more than ever before.”

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