New offer: a Healing Painting for 11/11

A Healing Energy painting for the November portal day: 11/11!

~Releasing shame and guilt~ ✨Price: €25✨

🌙Have you been feeling overwhelmed by the intense emotions brought up in the collective energy?
💔Shame, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, rejection, disconnection, loss, anxiety.. are all coming to surface to be healed.

💚Are you ready to experience a deep level of healing and integration with the incoming energies provided by the angels, ascended masters, elves, fae and other light beings from other dimensions / planets?

⭐Then you’re in luck!! For the 11/11 portal I’ve been guided to offer a painting that heals the collective energy around the topic of shame and guilt. This is a deep collective wound that runs in our bloodlines and which needs to be transformed into love.

💛Do you want to heal these wounds within yourself? And do you want to connect with the light being that can assist you with their healing transmission?

💚The painting and the channeled message will be in infused with a powerful healing transmission and will help with the further activations of the incoming light codes of 11/11.

✨This is an intuitive energy painting based on the collective incoming energies of 11/11 made available for all who want to order and is not to be mistaken with the personal soul paintings tuned into your own essence.

📩The painting and the message will be sent through e-mail on 11/10.

Payment through Transferwise

E-mail me: or message me through Facebook.

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