Love yourself for being different

This is a higher self painting from a beautiful soul sister that I may share with you all. She has a message for everyone. Enjoy! πŸ’œ

“Beloved ones, look deep within yourself to see who you are and to love yourself for the human being that you are right now. The struggle to accept yourself in your wholeness comes not from your heart but from perceptions and teachings of others and that you have to be somebody you are not. The reason why each one of you is so different and why not one person on earth has the same qualities as you do is so that you can teach other about love and acceptance. What could you possibly learn from each other if you would all be the same?

You do not have to compare yourself to others and feel less because somebody is further along their journey than you are. When you look at others and what some have achieved you might feel as though as you have a long way to go to reach the same level. You keep looking outside of yourself and comparing yourself with rules and obligations that come from society. But what if I tell you that the Universe never set out any rules for you on how you should be? What if the way you are created is exactly the way that you should be? What if I tell you that guilt, shame, jealousy, envy are not even real at all and that you are free to be the authentic you free from any judgement? The judgment that others reflect at you is the judgment they have towards themselves. What others feel and think about you is none of your concern. You came here to be YOU in all your colors and aspects. And for this the Universe fully supports you in all that you do.

You all have your unique colors and you can shine them for all the be admired. You are the human expression of the Universe here on earth. How can this ever fail, beloved ones? It simply cannot and will not.

You are here to be all the different colors of the Universe without shame or fear. Without you the world can never have it’s full rainbow of magnificent colors and hues. Be you and shine your colors through without any fear.”

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