Changing within and breaking cycles

This is a “dark and light aspect” painting that is created for a beautiful soul. I may share the wisdom of these two beings with you. One is from ancient Egypt with the Eye Of Ra and the other is a starbeing. They showed up in perfect balance with each other. Enjoy. ❤️

“Beloved ones, changes are happening this instant all around you and most of all within you. As you are removing the last remnants of the past you are moving into a new chapter. It is a new chapter of BE-ing, a recollection of the being that you are without all that has been put upon you in this lifetime and in many others before this one.

You are breaking cycles of lifetimes where you didn’t know what the true power of love can do. You have build up much and brought with you in this lifetime to experience once again but also to release it once and for all. You will not have to relive the same pain and the same experiences ever again for you have chosen to clear this not only for yourself but for the many generations that have come before you. You are healing your family relations and you are also healing all the people that you interact daily with for you are all connected in a much deeper way than you can ever imagine. No meetings or connections are ever a coincide and no mistakes can happen.

All that is required from you is to be aware of how energy interacts and how you are all put on each other’s path for important reasons. It is always up to you on how you choose to react and handle these connections. Be mindful of your own energy and stay in a place of love for this is when you will always stay in your truth. Love is powerful and to choose love does not mean you have to choose others above yourself. It means that you choose to see the truth of the situation no matter what this is showing you. To love is to see things for exactly as they are and not going into the illusion of seperation.

Honor and love yourself enough to understand that what you see with your eyes is not always what is happening in energy. Use all your senses for you have the gift of the Universe to look with your heart and act with your soul.”

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