Free your voice

This is a light and dark painting I did for a lovely, soul sister. Free your voice, free yourself and BE you without any restrictions. Enjoy the channeled message! ❤️

“You have the freedom to express yourself in every way that you wish to. It is just a matter of making a choice to speak from your heart and to do everything with authenticity. You may think that you have to choose something specific to do to express your uniqueness and to show yourself and what you can do. But expression does not have to be difficult or complicated. You do not have to search for things to do to bring out your authenticity.

You can choose to be yourself in everything you do and not to hold in how you feel or how you think. You don’t have to feel that if you show yourself how you are that others will think that you are weird or out of place. Speaking from your heart will never offend anyone and if it does then this means that it is necessary for others to hear the message that speaks to their own inner conflicts. This is how you bring healing into other people’s lives. Even if they do not realize this you have to be aware that your voice and the way you express yourself is the way Source communicates with humanity. Source speaks through your own unique way of being and the way that you feel the most comfortable of expressing yourself.

So today be mindful of how you speak, how you think, how you cook, write, draw, talk to your children or your neighbour’s. Be aware of the energy that you do things with and feel if it comes from your heart or from routine. Break any patterns of limiting yourself in the old ways of being and be the authentic expression of the Source within you.

Free your voice, free yourself from the chackles of old systems and choose today to be the truest version of yourself.”

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