Coming into alignment with your soul

I have created a dark and light painting for a soul sister that I may share with you. They are both starbeings with a powerful and loving energy.
They wanted to show the seperation within ourselves from our masculine and feminine energy. They have a message for all. Enjoy. ❤️

“Beloved ones, you are here to restore balance within the energies of this existence. Due to the many varieties of experiences of each incarnation you have created what you call collective karma, which is now time to be cleared and restored to the original blueprint of this planet. You are all going to the where it all started: to the beginning of creation of Gaia where oneness was remembered and all was in harmony with each other. The veil has gotten thicker in time because of the collective vibration caused by actions of individual experiences.

Because of the density of this existence you have had hard times finding the universal vibration of love again and through each experience you have fallen into a deeper state of sleep which was almost impossible for you to recall the energy of where you came. You adapted to your environment and with every life that came after it you came to believe deeper that the existence of love is a fantasy, a dream so to speak. It was told in fairytales and you came to believe that it was impossible for you to find. You experienced it as a feeling of loss, something to be searched for and achieved if you worked hard enough for it.

Love has become something that was unreachable unless you sacrificed yourself in countless ways and so this has been one of your many experiences here on earth. This is why you are now feeling all the emotions that you have collectively experienced for so many lifetimes. The heaviness that you are feeling are the memories of the suffering and sacrifices that you had to make in order to survive or to achieve what you believed was happiness.

Your search for love has never stopped, beloved ones. But right now you are guided to the truth of where it all began: within your own hearts. Once you have remembered this truth and you are now being reminded of this again.

Your minds, third eye, awareness is being opened up so that the truth can come through and so that you can FEEL the love within yourself. This is the only way for you to believe again that it is not out of reach, that it is accessible for all of you. As you are transforming into your original self you must let go of what has been hindering you for lifetimes. The memories of pain and suffering, the disconnection to the oneness of Source are all making their way out and you are releasing lifetimes, timelines, other dimensions and even paralel realities that have had an influence on this reality.

ALL is coming into alignment so that the chaos that you see around you will no longer exist and duality will not be reflected on the outside. It was your personal choice to come back here to help bring balance into the frequency of this existence and to contribute to life here on earth which has a great impact on the whole of Universe and all other planets. This is why your brothers and sisters of other galaxies and realities are now assisting you in the process of coming into alignment with your own soul.

The most powerful gift that you can give the earth right now is coming into alignment with your higher self. Nothing in this process can go wrong, nothing can interfere with the alignment of Gaia and yourself. You must remember that you are not in danger and no lower energies can affect your mission and process here on earth. Your growth and expansion are monitored by the most capable and wise energies that have have existed long before creation of earth.

You are coming into alignment with the highest and truest version of yourself. Do not worry, do not be afraid for you exist of love and it is that which will change the whole existence of this planet.”

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