A conversation with my spirit guide team.

Yesterday I noticed that I lost my wallet. I did not go out for a few days and when I went to the grocery store I noticed I didn’t have my wallet with me. Obviously this was emberassing cause I needed to pay and I didn’t have it with me. I figured I left it at home but it was nowhere to be found. No cash, bank cards, visa, identity card.. nothing. The funny thing is the last time I have seen it when I was at home. It’s a mystery to me how it could have dissapeared like that. Of course it put me in a bad mood and I was resistant in asking my spirit guides for help. After talking to a friend she helped me to understand it and I decided to connect deeper with my team and have a chat.
I was still not happy and this shows in the way I was asking the questions here below. The good thing is that spirit guides are always understanding and they will always help in the way the can.

I’m still human, so I can be grumpy if I want to and I really was. I am sharing this personal conversation because this might help you in some way. I share because we can all learn from each other. I am feeling much better today and the bad mood is replaced with peace.

ME: These past few months have been slow in every possible way. Why?

Spirit guide: You are given the opportunity to go deeper into your fears and release them as the last steps of your process. A final round of fears before you can move on to the next level where you will not be dealing with such fears anymore.

ME: Do you realize how painful that this has been for me and how tired I have been from doing these spiritual games and reaching new levels and such?

Spirit guide:We realize this very well and we support you through it. Understand that you are clearing on many levels and not only for yourself. You are doing it for those who could not in the past and they are very grateful for you and they support you too.

ME: You mean my ancestors?
Spirit guide: Ancestors and your past selves who were not able to overcome these issues that you are now facing. We are very proud of you.

ME: Will I get my wallet back?

Spirit guide: All in due time. Your wallet is not the issue. It is just a means to get by, a tool, you should not hang on to tools like this and trust in your abilities to manifest and create out of a place of security in yourself. You are provided for and this comes from within you. As long as you have fears that come through you will not be able to manifest and provide for yourself. So there is a very good reason why this is now being shown to you.

Me: How do I get over these fears?
Spirit guide: By speaking to them, speak to your fear and see what it says to you. What is the fear of losing your security do to you? How do you react to it?

ME: I can literally see myself grasping for something to hold on to so I would not fall into a hole. Like there is nothing left to hold on to but a stupid straw and that’s all I have.

Spirit guide: What if you let go and see that when you fall you will actually be swimming in abundance? What if holding on to the straw prevents you to see this sea of prosperity? While you are holding on to this straw you are missing the wealth and the fruits all around you. Let it go, let go of the straw. It’s dead. You deserve more.

ME: HOW do I let go of this? It’s great to say it, but it doesn’t mean that it’s simple.

Spirit guide: Shift your mind, shift your perspective. It’s is all about understanding how your system responds to situations. From the moment you understand you are not a victim and that you can shift the situation by your way of looking at it you are already changing it. Awareness and looking at it through the eyes of compassion will help you to move through it. This is what transformation is. You do not release it, you switch it around so that you can see it from the other side which then allows you to have a different experience.
This is why we say you get to choose your experiences. It is all up to you. Now you requested this experience and so it is time for you to shift your awareness and see that you can change this and your perception towards money. It is not a means to survive, it is just a tool to support you just as there are many other tools that you can use. Don’t grasp this straw, let go so that you can see the whole bouquet you can choose from.

ME: How did I request this? I really feel that I didn’t.

Spirit guide: Your soul did. It wants you to move beyond the limitations of the human mind and you have the knack to put yourself on hold because you think you can’t do it. But you can and so then this is created to show you you can push through and do it. You can do this.

ME: I don’t know if I can. It feels like holding on to a dead straw is comfortable enough.

Spirit Guide: It’s not comfortable. It’s giving you anxiety because you think you can fall into a dark pit at any moment so it pushes you to worry more but without giving you the solution. This is what causes anxiety within you: the feeling you need to do something but not being able to do more because there is no more. Anxiety is all in the mind and the mind can only fix things up to a point. The rest is up to the heart, so you gotta go there. Look deeper, feel deeper, feel your worth and KNOW the truth. YOU got this.

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