The times of the Great Purge

This is a dark aspect painting that was created for a loving soul sister.
This is a very ancient, powerful being that can walk in the dark and in the light. She is wise and will not tolerate any kind of injustice. She is to be treated with love and has a deep honor for Gaia. Here is her message for you. Enjoy! ❤️

“You have all gone through the depths of your soul to reach your destination and although you do not feel like it you have reached much in the short amount of time you have been here on earth. These are the times of the Great Purge. It is a detoxification of all that has been making you ill and polluted your mind of seeing yourself for the divine beings that you are. The clogged up energies and the memories of millenia prevented you from coming into your truth.

Many of you who are not yet able to see the truth of what is happening on earth right now are taking an example of you. Long after you have released what you came here to do others will be doing the same.
You all have a mission and the generations that are coming after you will start to build a new society, a new way of being and you are the ones that are paving the way to be able to create this.

Together with Gaia you decided that clearing and transmuting the low vibrational energies is what your mission would be here on earth. All that you are dealing with right now is not too much for you to handle for you have done this many times before and without the recollection of the power that you hold.

You are not new here, you are also not out of your place here. If you truly connect to Gaia, who is a living and breathing being, you will remember her soul. You will remember that she was created to offer you a home here. It is not her that has forgotten about you but it is you who have forgotten about her. Do not reach outward to connect with her but reach deeper within yourself for she has a one of a kind garden especially for you. It is her place and her gift to you where you can visit her and connect to her love. Meet her in your garden and see what gifts she will give you. Turn to her for comfort, for healing, to talk to her when you feel lost and you will see that she is a part of your heart. The beating of your heart that you feel is the love of Gaia speaking to you. With each heartbeat she speaks, with each breath you take she listens.

You are a creation of her essence, do not underestimate her power for she is able to heal and she is able to destroy what she no longer needs. Turn to her for all you need and do not forget the importance of your existence here on earth.”

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