The process of a dark aspect painting

We all have many aspects of ourselves. If you are light then you are dark too. If you can soar high then you can go really low too. We have aspects in all layers of our being and they all want love and acceptance.

Have you integrated your own dark aspects? They are the ones that protect you from lower energies and help you transmute all that is no longer of service to you.
If you integrate them you will feel more passionate, confident, courageous, bold, fearless, strong and much more.

Once these aspects are in balance with your light you are unstoppable because you will recognize the truth in both light and dark within yourself and also within others. You will be able to see through illusions much quicker and you will not doubt yourself or believe others over your own feelings.

It is important to bring balance in all of yourself and not to see your darkness as evil or something to run away from. It is an integral part of yourself that should not be ignored but accepted with love so that you can feel whole and live a balanced life.

It all starts within, have you dared to connect to this part of yourself?

The finished painting with her message will be coming up soon!

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