Free yourself from illusions

This is a dark aspect painting if a gifted soul sister that I may share with you.
This being can cut through illusions, false perceptions, lies and more low vibrational energies. She is light and dark in perfect balance. This is her message for you.

“All that you have been looking for and all that you have been wanting to become is already within you. There is nothing to be found outside of you that you need to validate who you are as a person. Your worth is not determined by your actions and you do not need approval from anyone to show you that you have the right to be here the way you are right now.
Seeking meaning, understanding and the need for acceptance is a concept that has been in your experiences for many lifetimes.

You have been fed with lies and you have come to accept others values and opinions over yourself for you have seen the concequences of what standing in your truth meant.
What many of you do not yet feel is that standing in your truth is never a trap but liberation from the illusions that you feel within yourself. Your truth, no matter how it comes across to others, is an activation for the power that is hidden within yourself and all that you connect with. By liberating your voice you are not only setting yourself free but you are freeing many others like yourself. No harm will be done upon you when you are expressing the Source within you through your unique being.

The monsters that you think you have are shadows that dissappear when you turn on the light. Turn on the light and look your fears in the eye. Set yourself free from your illusionary monsters and accept your powerful light as the truth. No more hiding, no more running, you are strong enough to stand in your truth and see your fears for what they are: nothing, they are simply nothing compared to the power that you truly have within you.

Each of you posses the power to break through walls, through fears, through lies and through man made systems that were designed to keep you small. You have the power to set yourself free. I give you the key right now to use it to unlock yourself and be liberated. Take it and be free.”

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