Who is your dragon?

Dragon painting offer: €150

It is dragon time!

🐲Would you like to find out which dragon you have assisting you now?
🐲Would you like to get to see what they look like and what their message is for you?

You can now order your dragon painting and receive a light code activation / download from the dragon realm.

🐉What do dragons do?
They help you with healing, clearing blockages, protecting, activating your gifts, helping you tap into your own dragon wisdom, connecting you to magic, helping you to remember where you are from and give you strength and courage amongst many other abilities they have.

🐉Can anyone connect with dragons?
YES! Dragons are here to help everyone. So if you are doubting if you have a dragon who wants to connect you can be sure that you have one or even several dragons waiting to be known.

⚡All payments are through Transferwise and the delivery of the painting will be in March by e-mail.

Are you interested? Take this opportunity because the dragon realm is eager to connect with all who feel the call in their heart.

Email me at grozdanovadana@gmail.com if you feel aligned with this offer.


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