Celebrate your inner growth!

I may share this higher self portrait of a powerful soul sister that holds so much light in her heart. I may share this with all of you and this is for all who have gone through massive growth and expansion through all the energetic shifts. This message is especially for you!

“Beloved ones, you have come a long away and you have overcome many hurdles and challenges. The inner reflections you were shown and the love you have brought into the parts of yourself that were unloved have made a great impact on the person you are in this moment. You have brought much light into yourself and you have faced the most difficult challenges you have ever encountered: the confrontation of your own pain and trauma’s. It takes bravery and much self-awareness and self-reflection to be at the point you are right now. This isn’t going unnoticed and all of the supporters on the other side are proud of you reaching this level of self-awareness and self-love. We are proud, the Universe is proud, the angels are singing and celebrating your achievements and you reaching this new height. You are finally starting to see yourself as equal to the light beings that are guiding you. The feelings of seperation are fading and you are starting to believe in yourself more and more.

Now take the moment to stop and reflect back on the changes that you have gone through. Look at your process, look at where you started and the way that you have evolved in your awareness. How much has shifted for you in your mind, your heart and how your life has completely changed by the work that you have done on yourself. Like I said: this does not go unnoticed by the higher realms. But do YOU acknowledge how fantastic you are? Do you see how much weight you have let go of and how you have changed into this incredibly strong and powerful being?

Take this moment to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Be proud of the butterfly that you have become and admire your own colorful wings. You have worked hard for this, you deserve to take the credit for this profound work you have done with much love. Your inner reflection is one of full of love and passion. Let this be acknowledged by yourself now. Stand still and enjoy this moment of celebrating your journey and the result thus far.
The only way is up, remember this.”

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