True love has no limits

I am grateful to have been able to create this twinflame painting for a soul brother with a big and loving heart. These twinflames have a message for all. Enjoy !

“Beloved ones, divine love isn’t bound by gender, time, space, age or other limited thoughts of this world. The time to transcend beliefs about love has now come.

You are able to see through the misconceptions of what truly love is. Love is not a creation that lives outside of you, it is a feeling of union and oneness within you. It is not solely meant to be experienced with a partner but true love is to be experienced with life itself. You can see the reflection of the divine love within you in everyone that is alive. You are all reflections of Source that you have within yourself. Even if others do not see their own divine spark you can recognize their divinity beyond their appearance. When you do this your heart opens and it allows the love that you have to flow to them. In return the other person’s heart will open and receive this love. Even if they are not aware: activations happen simply because you let go of any judgments and you choose to see love beyond what you are shown.

You are all channels of divine energy and when you let go of judgements then you allow yourself to be in the perfect flow of the present moment. This is the best way for you to be a clear channel for Source.

Love is what this journey of life is all about and you are the perfect channels to relay the message of the unconditional love you have within.”

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