Energy update!

The beginning of this year has started with the releases of the deepest wounds within the collective energy field. We are now getting to the core of the cause of feeling seperation after working on this for many years.

As we are receiving higher frequencies from Sirius and integrating the light of Christ Consciouness in every cell of our body we are able to release the last painful pieces that are causing us to fully feel unhappy, sad, stuck, lonely, miserable, hopeless, desperate, small, insignificant, worthless, desperate, angry, frustrated and so on.

The last few days have been intense and a deep sense of sadness can come right now. Everything might seem as if it is too much to bare, too heavy, a feeling like there is no way out and no change is ever going to occur.
Remember that what is coming up right now is just passing by and that you are not only releasing this for yourself but that you are feeling the energy of the collective. We are all connected: empaths and lightworkers are clearing for all of humanity so that we as a collective can feel free and fulfilled.

We are working on our feeling of belonging on earth, being at home and present within this reality without the hard density that is present within our body. This density is caused by the memory of past pain from past lives and from experiences that our ancestors have gone through but were not able to heal it. We are feeling their pain, their unexpressed trauma’s and unhealed wounds. We are the voice and healers for everything that has never been processed by humankind throughout history.

We have our ancestors support and they want you to know that you are not alone in healing and releasing this pain. They are right there with you and you can ask them to help you heal.
Work with them, ask them for clarity and to lighten your spirit. They know all that you are feeling and they don’t want you to feel alone because they are grateful for the work that you are doing and the courage that you have to face these emotions.

I have been feeling a pressure inside my chest and on my back. I have had a hard time breathing and I felt an overall sense of unhappiness, numbness and not knowing what I am here to do anymore as everything seemed useless.
I have been crying and feeling the emotions, grieving for loss of happiness and feeling lonely. Longing for a place on earth that feels like home and where people actually love and care for one another. Craving to feel that love again instead feeling shattered and broken.

If you can relate to this then I am sending you my love and know that this will pass. ❤️


  1. Helped me too!!! Feeling the same. I know this will pass but it’s heavy right now. Knowing that you and others are going through the same brings me strength. I am not alone.
    Love and Light!!!!


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