The Divine Feminine

With much gratitude I may share this painting of a soul sister publicly. This higher self showed herself as a High Priestess and she is here to say that we all have the power of the Divine Feminine within us. Enjoy her message! ❤️

“Beloved ones, you all have the Divine Feminine essence within you that has been dormant for centuries. The power that you have within has not been used for a very long time and many of you who wished to use it have been murdered over it or this power has been taken away from you.

This Divine Feminine power of Creation that you all hold within you is now coming to her full power and this is why many fears can come up right now for you. Terrors of the past and memories where you were afraid to be your true self are now arising from deep within your subconciousness. It is nothing to be afraid of, beloved ones, for the terrors that you feel you will never experience again. You hold the memories of all humankind’s history within your cells as this is what you agreed on healing before you came back to earth.

You are divine souls with a mission far greater than you can ever imagine. You are here to activate the Divine Feminine power within you so that you can create again as you were once able to do. You could do so much with your power that you would now call it magic. These magical traits are still within you and you are awakening from a deep sleep. As you do this; honor your process and your body for waking up slowly. Be compassionate for the state that you find yourself in for you need time and rest to activate all the parts that have been vast asleep for so long. It is not easy to wake up from a state like this but you are the brave ones that have chosen this path to help awaken humanity by going through the awakening yourself. This state might be confusing and you can experience a feeling of loss but you are truly gaining power to be able to raise the consciousness of the whole of humanity. You are not going backwards and you are not standing still: you are moving forward with great leaps.

Continue to look forward while staying in the present, the magical gifts are now being activated. You will see and feel this more and more each day. Surrender to the process and know that you are becoming your magical self once again.”

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