Freya and Odin: go within and trust the answers you receive

This is a painting on request I made for a special soul that I am allowed to share with you. This is Odin and Freya with their message for you. Enjoy.

“Dear ones, we are here for you. We are not outside of you but we are the voice that speaks within you. The voice of encouragement, empowerment, support and protection.
When we ask for you to connect to the divine we are asking to connect to this power that you have within you. The information you receive never comes from an outside source but it is one that you have the natural ability to connect with that comes from your heart. You do not need to search for answers outside of yourself and to understand things with your mind. It is safe to let go and to trust what your heart is whispering to you. Now our voice within you is becoming stronger and you are able to tell the difference when your mind speaks or when your divinity is speaking. You can tell the difference because the change in vibration will be palpable to you. When you receive information from the heart you will feel it in your whole being and your body will respond to it in delight. When you receive information from the mind you can receive doubtful thoughts, you can start overanylzing and it can trigger fearful feelings in you. Free your mind and make the connection to your heart.

You are becoming more sensitive to energy and at this time the force of the light is stronger than ever before. This gives you the opportunity to feel and receive the information faster and more clear. Call on the divine power from within you when you are seeking for answers. Stand still and listen to the answer that comes straight from Source.

You are one with every ascended master, angel, galactic light being and other multi-dimensional beings that exist out of pure and unconditional love. Therefore you have access to all that you wish for for your connection to the Universal power is truly limitless.
Go within, keep going within for this is where the key lies to the joy and freedom you are all seeking for.

You are not imprisoned in your body and in this world, dear ones. This is the most free this world has ever been. Take these words and this transmission to your heart and unlock the power of wisdom that you all carry inside.

We are within you and we walk with you in love.”

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