Love is eternal

This is a higher self painting of a lovely soul sister that I may share with you. This is her message at this time for you.

“Beloved ones, this is the time to shift your perspective from human into a universal one. You have been preparing for an occasion like this for a long time and you have been purging collectively to get where you need to be.

Your world is in this state because it is the moment to use your innate powers to help others. These powers hold compassion and love for all that are not seeing it themselves right now. This is what your world needs the most right now: love, deep love that all are longing to feel. The feelings of disconnection are coming up for many of you but those that know the truth can now stand strong in their faith and be the light that others are looking for. You can see what really is going on and how that this is all happening as it is supposed to.

Do not worry about the souls that are leaving your plane of existence for they chose to return home and help from the other side. No soul is ever lost and each soul is welcomed home with warm love and care. They will be assisting you further and do not think it is a sacrifice they had to make. It is an act out of love, just as it is an act of love that you chose to stay here.

Continue these acts if love by being aware that what you ALL came to experience love. This is what you are creating right now and what the world is longing the most for. The places that are feeling it the most are the places that are needing it the most.
There are clearings happening in certain locations of your world but they need to occur for the light to break through the density. Do not think that this is happening randomly and that there is no reason as to what is happening. It has been decided, beloved ones, for it is for the higher good.

If you find yourself in one of these places it is because your light is needed there. The love that you carry within will help to feel others safe. This love will bring the peace that everyone needs and will encourage others to continue their path of light.
You are all doing this together even if some are not aware. You are uniting in the hardest of times and even the ones that leave are there to bring light and awareness.

Life is eternal, it does not end. It continues as long as creation exists. You are working together within this reality and beyond the veil.
Uniting together in all dimensions to remember you are truly immortal.”

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