Stay centered in your own energy

This is a higher self painting from a soul brother that I may share with you.
Thank you Shane Collinson for shining your beautiful, angelic diamond light for all to see! This is the message that the higher self wants to share. ❤️

“Greetings beloved ones, every day you can decide to make a new choice. To wake up with a new awareness to embrace the life that you find yourself in right now. The more you can accept the state of change the world finds itself in the more that you are tuning into a higher timeline that is full of potential for expansion. Acceptance does not mean you need to accept other people’s beliefs or their desire to stand still and not change.
Acceptance means that you surrender to the moment so that there is an opening for you to allow the change to happen that you want to see.

You all have the access to the higher truth within your heart for this is where Source is. Source speaks to you daily and now more than ever you are receiving signs from the higher guidance that you can trust what is happening. Do not engage in anger, blame, provoking news and articles. It will distract you from the truth that is never outside of you but can be found within.

Be the observer and do not leave your own energetic space. Do not step into the energy of those that do not hold their own truth in high regard. Do not let yourself be startled and flustered by news that does not resonate with the frequency of your soul. Those that bring news from the heart will never scare you because the energy will come from a place of love.

Keep your mind clear and sharp by remaining in the space that you have now created for yourself. This is the space that will keep you safe and rooted deeply in your truth. Stay there now and shine your diamond heart frequency for all that are need for hope and courage.
You are the beacon of light for others and they will need your belief and faith that all is going to be okay.”

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