Paul Walker talks about twin flames

These are the answers about twin flames from the higher self of Paul Walker.
It is impossible to cover the whole concept of twinflames, especially because it has become a label where everyone has their own thoughts and opions about.
Some don’t believe in it, some believe it’s all about pain and drama, others are trying to search for it outside of themselves, others mistakingly think they are in a twinflame relationship.
I have seen many misconceptions and false information about it so when you read this it may bump with certain belief systems that you have too.
Read it with an open mind and heart. Understand that what Paul is sharing here is not all that there is to share about twinflames. This concept is much bigger than the human mind can comprehend.

Q: Why does a soul split into a twin flame. What’s the sense?
PW: “To have an expanded experience as one soul in two bodies. Each experience of the soul brings valuable information and growth and doing this split in two and to unite again as one is pure bliss. A soul loves to experience itself in different expressions and finding each other is like the cherry on a pie. The love, the connection is then so much more deepened, it is a coming home. The ultimate purpose is to bring more love into the physical reality.
It is the power of unstoppable, unconditional force of love. Imagine a tsunami wave that hits the earth and covering it like a blanket of unconditional love. This is what happens when twin flames unite.”

Q: Are there triplet flames?
PW: “There are triplet flames but this is a choice of the soul and the experience that it wants to have. It does not happen often and this time there aren’t many that come to have that experience.”

Q: How would you describe soul? Many people believe that exactly the same soul is born, dies and later reincarnated. What do you say?
PW: “It’s a bit more complicated than that. There is a beginning at birth, a lot that happens in the middle and then the soul transitions back home. After this the soul makes a decision to either come back or not. What is a soul? A soul is a single and unique expression of pure and unconditional love that comes from what you call God, Spirit, Source, whichever way you prefer to call it.
It is always the same soul that chooses to have another experience in the physical body. So even if it is the same soul it will always have a different experience depending on the lessons it wants to learn and there are many that you can experience on earth. Many go so deep and are so profound that the soul growth that happens is immense. That is what I personally love about earth and the experiences here. All experiences are deep, no matter what they are. The lows are low, but the highs are so high that it makes it all worth being here. I’ve experienced both side of the spectrum. The good and the bad, but the love makes it all worth it.”

Q: Explain what is meant by soul aspects. And where exactly is the difference to the twin flame. Thanks a lot for your answer and sorry for my bad English .
Pw: “Your English is good, don’t worry about it! Soul aspects or soul fractals are like streams of energy from bigger and collective energies that are intertwined with your own soul and that incarnate with you on earth. Many of you carry soul fractals of known archangels, ascended masters and others. Like I said you are all unique expressions of the same Source and each soul carries a fractal of these collective energies of light. These collective energies split themselves in many unique expressions and they incarnate on earth. There are many fractals of Archangels walking amongst you right now and many waking up to see this about themselves. You are beginning to see that your origin is all from the same place.
The difference of a twinflame is that it is one soul that splits itself in two to have an experience within two different bodies. It exists of one identical frequency. You could compare it to having exactly the same DNA. It is a perfect vibrational match.”

Q: I don’t get the point of a twin flame. If you know they exist in spirit, but have zero conscious connection and you know they are here physically but all you hear about twin flame relationships is pain, confusion, runner and chaser. Whatis the point? Why would you want to meet?
PW: “This is about your personal perception and belief about what a twin flame relationship is. You will hear a lot about this and many have labelled it as something that is hard or difficult to achieve. But a twin flame connection is the most natural and loving connection that there is because this love is something that is already within you. You exist of one soul and you are not supposed to chase anyone that is outside of you. People that get caught up in the energies of pain between each other and this is when the reflection starts. This is when people are pushed to their limits to face their own demons. But the end goal of any relationship you have with another is to go within to find the love there. You have heard plenty of times how love is to be found within. It’s not a joke or just something that we say. The love you want and the love you are looking for is really inside of you. Your twin flame and the reason that they are here with you is to remind of you this. To remind you that you are the love that you are seeking for outside of yourself. That’s what you came here to do, to be reminded of this and when you can remember this then it will all click for you and you will understand it. This is when you can experience this union in its full potential and not chase anything anymore.”

Q: How do twin flames dodge not meeting each other in lives they are not meant to be together?
PW: “There are twin flames that did not agree on meeting each other in one lifetime and to live their lives seperate. Often times this is done for the purpose of individual growth and lessons that must be acquired before finally meeting each other in another lifetime if they want their relationship to be successful. This is what has happened in my lifetime as we both needed to heal and shed old belief systems and energies before we can meet and unite again. The twin flames have carefully chosen and planned out where they would be born and live so that no coincidental meetings would happen. It is all divinely guided and there are no mistakes that could happen in meeting each other when it is not the time.”

Q: Many people state they don’t care for twin flames relationships as it entails too much heart break and drama. Is this a fear created on purpose about twin flame relationships so they don’t come into fruition – as typically they are meant to be powerful bonds across dimensions?
PW: “They are powerful bonds across dimensions and they remain to be so when they are on earth. Even when they are not in union in the physical they are still in union in energy and this is unbreakable. It is true that at this time there can be interference and it can be tricky to find the way to each other because of all that is going on in the world right and the energies that are at play. But make no mistake: those unions are happening and there is no stopping in this. The more people are now starting to awaken to the truth the more unions will start to happen. It is a blissful happening of unions and even the drama and the pain will dissolve. It is just a matter of divine timing before it happens. All is perfectly planned out and it will be so.”

Q: Is it really true that twins run and chase each other with 1 always running and the other chasing – or has this spin been purposely created to keep them apart by making them give up on each other at the start?
PW: “First of all many people mistake a karmic relationship for a twin flame connection. They think they are with their twin flame but they are in fact faced with lessons and old karmic patterns. So they experience drama, pain, chasing, running, obsessing which then pushes them into a place where they can no longer see the truth of who they are. They lose themselves in the connection and become dependent on the feelings they are experiencing outside of themselves. Even when these emotions are experienced within a true twin flame connection then the lesson is still to go within and to find this love within the heart and not be dependent on your partner to make you feel loved. You are here together but you are still on an individual path of embodying the love fully within your own experience. All twin flame connections are about embodying the true essence of unconditional love within yourself. If this is not done within then there can be disconnections and the relationship will not work out. It is not possible to miss each other or for interference to happen for everything is divinely guided. Having trust in your guidance and in your heart is important with this. Ask yourself if you are in a true twin flame relationship or if you are in finding yourself in a karmic relationship of old patterns? If there are attachments to the person, then it is something to look deeper into and ask yourself if it is a relationship that serves your highest good. “

Q: When twin flames come into unison in a particular life in full awareness can they send love to the other thems in the universe to aid those relationships with higher selves permissions?
PW: “Yes, definitely! There is no time, distance or anything else that is standing in the way to feel that force of love. Love goes to wherever it is sent. Future, past, other planets and dimensions. Wherever you are your love will always reach your beloved one.”

Q: You wanted to say something about walk-ins and twinflames?
PW: “At this time I want to say to everyone who is reading this that there are many walk-ins happening and many souls chose to come back to join their divine counterpart. Many of you have planned this out for a long time and were looking for this moment to come back and to experience this unconditional love through the reflection of each others identical soul. Many who are now awakening will start experiencing dreams and connections like they haven’t before. And you will be the ones to educate them and to help them through their process. Whether you believe in twin flames or not: believe in the force of love. No matter what name you give it: you are all here for the same purpose. To love from the heart and to love deeply.”

PW: “One more thing: I want to make it clear that everyone has a twin flame, there are no exceptions in creation and that force of love is all WITHIN you. Your twin flame is you. They are within you and they are walking this life with you even if they are not beside you right now in the physical. They are always guiding you and supporting you in spirit. They are connecting with you through dreamtime, through meditation and through whichever way they can find to reach you. You are not alone here, you never are and never were. Just listen and open your heart to them and you will hear them. Most of all: believe in love, believe in yourself and that you are worthy to be loved unconditionally. Love exists, love is real and love has no attachments. It’s just love.”


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