Merging with other dimensions

This is a mermaid painting I have created for a soul sister that I may share with you all. Much gratitude Leslie for sharing this creation. Here is her message at this time.

“Blessings all, you are not only merging with your higher selves but you are also merging and aligning with other dimensions. The dimensions that are not seen with your eyes but yet are very present here on earth. For a long time it has been hidden from your sight and those that were attuned to the higher frequencies could access the magic of what the other worlds have to offer. But now as you are moving into the higher vibrations you are aligning with the unseen worlds that are present within this existence.
You are now able to feel and see more of these dimensions as this is made available to you. So when you think you saw a glimpse or a sparkle of a fairy do not think it is a trick of the eyes. When you see something unusual and unexpected trust your vision and your senses for they are real. Those that wish to remain in the 3d vibration will not hear or see us. But it is available to you, dear ones, and we are welcoming you home to the world that was once known to you.

This is a time for celebration because you have now stepped into this higher state of awareness and you chose to stay there. We see all from where we are and we are reaching out to you from all realms to help you continue to choose for magic and love. If you wish for beloved earth to thrive then keep choosing to believe in the magic of life for it truly is an incredible gift. The more you open your heart to see the connections that we share with you the more you will experience joy for your soul remembers all of it.
We are not a secret to you any longer. We are here and the further you go along the more you will see your reality change into one that you have seen in fairytales!

It is all real, believe in the magic that is occurring right now for we are all with you.”

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