Let go of fear and just do it!

Hey everyone! I thought to share this message about how to deal with fear from Paul Walker. We all have them, I sure know I do! Maybe this will inspire you to hop on your unicorn.. Lol

“Hey all! Dana asked me today to share more about how to deal with fear and how it’s stopping you from achieving your goals.

The way to overcome your fears is to jump in there and not thinking about it too much. To just DO IT. All that doubt and second guessing your next move is leading you nowhere. Your mind will always find a good reason not to do something. Not to move to a new place, not to take that new job, not to start your own business, not to listen to your inner voice and trust yourself.
Fear can come in so many shapes and it will cloud up your mind up to a point where you just don’t know what to do or how to do it. And then you get stuck. You get stuck in a cycle of worry and feeling unhappy because you are not daring to take the jump and just do it.
Honestly, that’s all there really is to it: just doing it.
It’s like turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly. The caterpillar doesn’t think how to become a butterfly: it just becomes it. And that’s all you have to do too. Especially at this time you have to let go of that fear and just be you in whatever way that is.

There are so many artists amongst you! And I am not only talking about painting. I am talking about being an artist in your own life. You all have a canvas that you can paint in the colors that YOU like. So what if somebody doesn’t like your bright, yellow unicorn? So what if people think you are crazy expressing your own out of the box colors? You’re here to be you and none of us up here think you are crazy. You know what? We think you can get as a crazy as you like! Go wild! Do your best to NOT fit in! Show ’em what you got and you’ ll be surprised at the reactions because there are way more out there like you than you can imagine.

Being crazy is a good thing. It’s a way of stepping out of your own fears and showing the world that you are ready to take up new opportunities and bring in new life into this world. Cause in all honesty, you know this world could use a little more of that sunshine that you have. You know you can sparkle up the sky with your being. You weren’t meant to be ‘normal’, that’s not what you came here to do. You came to be YOU in all your crazy colors! So go ahead, take up your unicorn or dragon and show them what you got! We’re all here rooting for you because we believe in you. And we see what you are capable of. You just need that little push. Let my words be that push and listen to your heart.”

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