Rainbow warrior of kindness

I had the pleasure of creating the higher self painting of a beautiful, young man. Rainbow warrior, angelic power! I am sharing this with much gratitude. Thank you, Leslie and Emmanuel. Here is his message.

“The path of a true warrior is one where there is kindness. One where there is consideration for all that are seeking the truth within themselves. Those that are ready to accept the truth are now reaching out to find kindred souls and answers.

You are the example of true warriors for you have done the work on yourself to find what is true you within your own heart. The awakening of souls is happening in waves and a next wave is about to come. Understand that not all share your truth and perception but that there are many now willing to go beyond the understanding of their mind looking for a deeper meaning of life. Much is being questioned and much is being triggered within. Questions are being asked, steps to search for knowledge and wisdom are being taken.
Much is being removed from your eyes to see but this cannot stop the mass awakening that is occurring and will continue to do so.

Continue to stay the solid rock that you are for your faith is what will keep you going. You are not being asked to fight, you are being asked to lead with the light that you are. Be a beacon of light for others for they are attracted to the power of your soul.
There are no words, discussions, proof needed for the light that you posses within you. Continue to shine bright and remember that the real battle is to let go and let love lead the way.”

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