Uniting the feminine and the masculine within

This is a twin flame painting created for a beautiful soul sister that I may share with you. Enjoy!

“Beloved ones, the twin flame union is about coming into balance with your own feminine and masculine energies. It is about uniting within one body to live in harmony and oneness. Your changes are still occurring within and the transformation is more intense than it had ever been before due to the incoming light on your planet.

You are cleaning up the biggest densities that are still within your human body and within the collective energy. The power of the light is awakening within your cells ans on all levels of your being. Now you are stronger than you have ever been before. The changes are allowing you to have the stability and confidence in yourself to start shifting the reality that you are currently experiencing. Every day you get the opportunity to choose for love so that you can choose the best timeline there is.

Have the faith and the confidence that you are exactly where you need to be to achieve the unity and peace that you long for in this world. Embody the peace within and feel the change that is happening that is for the highest good of all. The most beneficial timeline has already been chosen. Keep your thoughts and energy clean and clear from the pollution of the lower energies that you feel from the outside.

Your light is the strongest of all, stronger than any kind of shadow. You are changing the world, it is just a matter of time before you see the result reflected in your reality.”

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