Welcome to the land of the fairies!

This is a fairy that I created for a lovely, young soul. I am grateful to be able to share it with you all and her message for humanity. It is time to awaken to the magic of the elemental realm which is in our essence. Enjoy.

“My dearest all! Humanity is awakening and I am so excited for all of you to discover your true nature. The playfulness, the joy, the happiness is all found within you and you are unlocking this right now! Before you were able to get to this you have all walked through a dark forest where you have felt scared and alone but this darkness is ending and when you get by the end of it you will find us! Fairies, pixies, gnomes, unicorns, dragons and so many more beings that are waiting for your awakening. You are one of us and you have always been until you have forgotten and fell into a deep sleep of forgetfulness. The cloak of forgetfulness was put upon you and you had forgotten us and your true light! But this is coming to an end now. The time of sleep and darkness is ending and while you are struggling to see it I know that you can FEEL us!

We are connecting with you through dreamtime and we are showing you the magic that exists and how you can use it. Even if you don’t remember it with your mind in your essence you know how it is used. So now is the time more than ever to trust your intuition and to trust the path you are walking. We are guiding you and we have opened up the portal to the realm of magic and joy. Walk through it! Walk without fear because this is where your path is leading you to.

Do you see the portal? It is decorated with flowers of the most beautiful colors because it is a celebration and a welcoming home for you. We are all standing there with excitement for you and we are waiting for you to come to the finish line! We have balloons and fairy dust to welcome you. We are so excited for you!

We love you and remember that you are not alone and that this path you are on is leading you to the magic that you have always dreamed of.”

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