Change fear into light by the power of your heart

This was created for a beautiful soul and intuitively guided by her spirit guides. The presence of the elemental realm is strong and they have a message to share with you all.

“Beloved ones, the light is being turned on in your world so you can see the truth in all matters. We are asking you to stay in a place of compassion and understanding for those that do not see what you see. Those that are not fully understanding the truth of what you know may be defensive and even agressive towards you and others. Do not participate in the illusion of this battle for you are not here to fight but hold steady in your beliefs. You do not need to defend your beliefs and what you know with all your might. You do not need to engage in the battle with those who are not open to receive the words you want to share. Rather tap into the frequency of your heart and emanate the codes of love through your presence. The truth does not need defense or convincing, it will always be there no matter what one chooses to see.

You are not in a battle, beloved ones, you are asked to stay true to yourself by using the power of love so that you can empower others to do the same. Those that are ready will hear you, those that are not willing to receive your message will still feel your intention even if you choose not to respond to their fear by engaging in a discussion of wrong or right.
None of you is wrong, beloved ones, remember that truth is a matter of perception based on the emotion that is felt the strongest within. Honor this within others and let them make the choice for themselves while you remain the messenger of light by the power of your heart of compassion and understanding.

There is nothing more powerful than the truth of your heart. But your heart does not yell back, it simply loves without judgement. Love with understanding, love without expectations and know that you are planting seeds with the power of your heart for this is the strongest tool you have to change the frequency of fear into light.”

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