Paul Walker on the outburst of emotions. Time to stand together.

These are times of heavy energies and much darkness is coming up in the world to be seen. This causes us to feel the sadness, grief, anger, frustration of what is going on in the collective right now. That sense of being disconnected from each other and from the world that we all want to feel at home in. In truth these are emotions that have been living deep within all of us. Those that have been doing healing on themselves know that this is part of the transformation that needs to happen on a global scale so we can feel free again and at peace within because inside there is no seperation.

We cannot be seperated by the color of our skin, our background, our culture, our beliefs, our religion, our gender. But by turning against each other and pointing fingers at others is exactly what it is causing to feel. It is time to unite despite our differences and embrace the seemingly unchangeable differences that we have.
We have the same blood. It is the same color and when we go to the real roots of our origin then we will all end up at the same place. Let’s stop the madness. Let’s embrace each other and love everyone as equals. When one is hurting then the rest of the world is in pain, when one is crying then each souls weeps with them because in our heart seperation does not exist. We just have to open ourselves to feel the love and the sorrow of everyone that is going through the pain right now.

Compassion, love, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness is what is going to create space for healing of the hearts that are in pain right now. So let us all make space for those that are hurting and those that are feeling disconnected from love. Let’s include everyone in the circle of love so that any fears will dissolve by the power of the heart.

A message from Paul Walker regarding what is happening right now as he has been closely watching and energetically helping with what is going on in our world.

Paul Walker:
“I am here with you all. I am standing with all of you and I am watching you feeling frustrated and angry at world. I feel you. This explosion of emotions is justified and you have the right to feel anxious and all the emotions that you are feeling right now. Nobody is telling you you need to be calm and take things because that is how they have always been. I am not the one to tell you to take any crap from anyone if you have been feeling oppressed and silenced for so long.
I am right here with you, my friends, and I will hold space for all of you who are going through the range of emotions.

But return to the silence and the peace that is available for you. Don’t hold on to emotions too tight because once you have expressed yourself you can let it go. You can be sure that you are heard and that your voice is loud and clear from where we are. The amount of support that you receive from the other side is so strong and so big that you can trust that we are moving mountains to make change happen on your behalf. In fact because of the change that you want to happen and because you are feeling it in your heart so strong the energy is already moving towards the result you want to see. But don’t let this anger consume you, don’t let it cloud your vision and what you want to achieve. Anger can turn into blind rage which will cause the opposite of what you want to accomplish. Keep the focus on love and unite with those that share your views. Allow them into your hearts because you share a common goal.
In fact I am going to say to allow love of any kind into your heart. Even when you don’t see the love try to shift your focus into something that will make you feel it again. These are challenging times and I know it’s hard to shift your perception and to see the good when it all seems bad. But you can do it, together you have the power to change the world. Together you are ONE and no one can divide you, remember that.”

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