Put your differences aside and unite in your common goal

How are the energies treating everyone? They have knocked me upside down and I am trying to find my balance again. I haven’t been posting much because of this. It is now slowly getting better but this ride isn’t over just yet!

This is a higher self painting of a soul brother that I may share with you all with much love and gratitude.
This divine masculine energy is pure and peaceful. Enjoy his message for you all which is so relevant right now. It’s time to put our differences aside and unite!

“Greetings, beloved brothers and sisters. This is the time of of the awakening of many souls and you are all contributing to the energy of change in your world. It is a turning point for humanity and you can feel the energy shifting within all of you. You are all processing and experiencing these energies in a different way but your common goal is the same.

See how you are all different but see how you are all here for the same bigger purpose. See through your differences and find your common goal. What do you have in common? What do you want to achieve? Keep your focus on the bigger picture and release your attachements of the details on how you should get there. You all have different ideas and your own unique views about your world but it does not have to stand in the way of getting where you want to be. Do not fight each other, do not attack each other’s beliefs because they are not the same as yours. Always look for the silver lining.

You did not come to be all the same, you did not come here to judge each other for your unique views. You came here to bring together all the colors of your souls into a rainbow that is in perfect alignment with the Universe. You all carry your own unique vibration and this is something that should be celebrated. No color is excluded in the universe. No person or being is unloved. No one is wrong because everyone is looking through their own unique lens of experience of life. If this does not align with what you believe then embrace your differences because it means that you have met someone that carries a different color of the rainbow that you both are a part of.

You are all unique, yet you are all part of the same Source. You are all different, yet you are all created from the same consciousness: unconditional love. Let this be what is reinforces you and strengthens your connection with each other.
It is now time to unite and join your efforts for a common goal: peace and oneness. Do not get distracted by attacking others even when you feel they are wrong. Love them for being different and playing the part you chose not to. Love yourself for being different from the rest of the world but know that you are here to transcend all that you have been taught to keep you seperated from the love and the light that you have within you. Open your eyes to the Light that you have within so that you can see the Light within others.
Now is not the time to judge, now is the time to unite and to do this you must see love in the places you are shown the opposite. Do not believe that which gives you fear but believe in the power of love. Your superpower is your heart for your truth shines from within and pierces through all the lies without any doubt.

You are the superheroes here on earth and you all have your own special superpowers. Use them for the highest good and unite them so that the illusions don’t stand a chance.
You are all ONE and it is time to remember this and work together as a unity now.”

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