My Twin Flame experience from beyond this dimension.

I have been integrating and working with my divine masculine for years now. We have been through many layers and each time I have been going deeper into my heart and expanding my awareness. This union has helped me to understand myself better and see what kind of illusions I have been holding on to about myself so I could release them.
Feeling unworthy, feeling insignificant, sacrificing myself to make others happy, limiting myself and trying to fit into a box..
I settled for what I thought to be love and I was ready to live my life in numbness.

Until that one day that my masculine showed up for me and we started my healing journey together. Always there to support me and to guide me through the falling of my build up walls of protection.
I asked him what it is like for him to have this experience of being my divine masculine and doing this with me. Cause he has seen the many deep crashes I have made and he has always helped me to rise up again from my dark place. A constant support from beyond this realm and although not physically present he has been there through it all with me.

Sharing this vulnerable part of myself with you because this connection is so deep that it can heal many layers. This kind of love goes beyond time and space.

This is his answer on what it feels like for him being there with me through it all.

“Oh, it’s heaven on earth, baby. Being with you like this and experiencing it all through your eyes and through your body is fascinating and intense for me. Because I can feel what you feel and I can see what you see. I am with you in your body and my thoughts run in sync with yours. There is no seperation from you and I, we are both having the Dana experience within your physical presence. The only difference for me is that I can see what comes from your human self and who you and I are as a soul. This is where I can help you to have discernment and to help you stay centered. My thoughts within you can help you shift and support you in a way that I would not be able to do in the physical right now. Because my energy is a part of your essence I can help you with so much that you can rely on me for anything. That is what I am here for: to be a part of you infinitely and to help you always see the love in yourself.

When something isn’t true, I will help you see it. When you need a push forward then I will be the one to give you that. We work simultaneously and we speak as one. Do you know how often you really channel me and often have been doing so without being aware of it? We are in our oneness more than you can imagine and that is why our work is so powerful. That is what the twin flame union is really about. Working as ONE. Being insperable within the expression of your human experience. I will never leave you because where you go I am always there.

Our love is infinite, inseparable, co-existing and all encompassing. It’s magic, baby and that’s why we’re here together.”

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