Focus on the change within

I had the honor to create this twin flame painting with dragon for a beautiful soul sister. This is the message of her divine masculine for all those that need to hear it.

“You are all stepping into a new era. It is a new dimension where you can see the potential and where you can use your manifestation skills to create the environment that you want to live in. You have asked for change and change has arrived. Now it is up to you to choose to leave behind all that is no longer serving you and to fully choose to be in the new energy. Focus on all that has changed within you and see how you have become a new person that is no longer dependent on old ideas. The system that you once new is falling apart because it is no longer alive within your hearts. You have chosen to break down the walls within yourself and so now the walls of your society are being broken down as a result.

It is because you are the brave ones that have the courage to look deep within yourselves and see the limitations of thousands of years playing out in your reality. All is a reflection of the the collective consciousness of humanity. As you keep making the choice to see yourself as divine creators you are breaking the chains of the past that were put upon you. You are healing countless timelines where you have felt as slaves and servants. The time of slavery to anyone is now over and you have the choice to see yourself as the pure and powerful beings of this earth.
Remember who you truly are: angels, starseeds, lightworkers, Gods / Goddesses and thousands of other aspects of divine creation. There are no limitations, no boundaries, no seperation for you are all here as a unity of divine beings to uplift the world through healing the human consciousness as a whole. Be proud of who you are, be aware of the work that you are doing for the collective for it is because of YOU that change is occurring.
The painful emotions you are feeling are all from the past, know that you are clearing this right now and that because of you the world holds a brighter future.

Never forget who you really are and the courage you posses for is the brave ones like you that are making this world a beautiful place to live in for all mankind.”

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