Don’t forget to shine like only you can.

This is an Elf aspect of a soul brother that I may share with you. The elemental realm is strongly present at these times and the Elves are very open and accessible to work with. Their knowledge and wisdom is ancient and this painting holds activations from their realm for those that resonate with their essence.
Do you have an Elf aspect yourself? They often come through in my soul paintings for people. I love their energy and I highly resonate with this aspect. Enjoy his message for you!

“Beloved ones, your world is currently going through a massive transformation where which has been hidden has no longer room and is coming up to be seen. All that you see might not be pretty or fit in to the way that you view life and how it should be but remember that before change can happen things must be turned upside down. That which once was hidden beneath the surface is now seeing the light and the key is not to attack what you see with judgment or with anger but to open yourself to see the truth in it.

You can turn things around by understanding that the darkness that has been hiding within others is a reflection of the centuries of abuse and misuse. This can no longer be part of your reality as you are shifting into a higher vibration. So trust the higher frequency within your heart to shine love and compassion towards others. It is only when you can stop judging each other for the wrongs in this world that you can truly find peace.
Many of you have strong beliefs about right or wrong. Many feel there are better ways of being and handling situations that are occurring in your world right now. Injustice is coming up to be seen and your leaders are showing you much of that at this time.

All of what you see is changing, beloved ones. Thanks to brave souls like yourself you are turning it around by shining the frequency of your heart into the world. Keep following your urges and intuition. Stand up in the way that you feel is right for you but make sure to let go of anger, pain, resentment and hate when you do for you will receive what you project onto others. Project your passion and love for all humankind instead. Do you see injustice happening? Then make the step and the action that comes from your heart to change the frequency into love. The frequency of the soul that you embody is the healing that the whole world needs right now. So keep connecting to your own personal frequency when you want to change a situation. Do not mingle in the same energy that is projected onto you that you do not wish to see in this reality anymore.

BE the love that you want to see and you will see how fast everything will change. Trust what is happening most of all because you are all pieces to a bigger puzzle in these times of transformation.
The darkness cannot hide for you are the light that shines through the darkest places. No more hiding, only shining.

Be well, beloved ones, and be aware of the bright lights that you all are.”

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