Your presence is important on earth.

This is a twin flame painting from a lovely soul sister that I may share with you.
They came forward in their elven union which is close their nature.
The elven hold a unique vibration and have such a strong connection to nature and Gaia in general.
The devotion, the joy, the peace, the knowing was felt through the whole creation of this painting. I am grateful for this sister to be able to share this painting and their message to you at this time.

Limited offer of paintings for €150 is coming up tomorrow until the 9/1!
Been wanting to get one? Stay tuned.

“Beloved ones, let the incoming energies of light be absorbed by your body and cells for the remembering of your true essence.
With each download that you receive you become more aware and your sense of self is becoming stronger. Do you feel the change within your heart and your connection to the divine power within?

As you move further in this journey of expansion you will see how you will require less confirmation from outside of yourself. Your perception is shifting and you are starting to see the beauty of your inner world where true creation exists. Your own garden of eden, your paradise and your heaven.
It has never been a search or a goal to reach on the outside but always a journey that had to be taken within.

Now more than ever it is important to remember this feeling of heaven within yourself so that you can help others remember where their truth is. Too many distractions are spread and you are being (mis)lead to sources outside of yourself to receive information. But you all have the information that you need within yourself. Because the reality that you wish to experience lies within your own heart.

Earth is a dream that you agreed upon to experience. Let this dream be a reflection of heaven within your heart and help others wake up from the nightmare that they see and experience outside of themselves. The world is your creation and you choose how you wish to walk here. Just like in a dream you can become lucid and participate with the knowledge that this is merely a temporary existence that holds no power of you in any way. So make the best of it. Experience all emotions as if they will not last and find the beauty in your daily life as if it is the last time you will see it. For in reality your time here is short but your impact is one that will last forever. The imprint of your actions and your energy on earth are far bigger than the illusion of fear and pain. What you choose to feel and see changes the world each day. So have the knowledge and wisdom to look deeper and beyond this reality.

Remember that you what you are doing here is affecting all of creation on earth and that you are an important part of the planetary change that is occurring right now. You may not be here for a long time but you are essential and important. Many light beings are assisting you in overcoming your fears and helping you with tapping into your own power. Even when you feel defeated, low, hopeless, depressed and anxious you are still doing what you came to do. Without you here those that are in need of help would not receive it because you agreed on helping to release and heal the human, collective wounds.
YOU are doing this whether you realize it or not you are enough and you always have been.

Remember why you are here and how loved you are. You are saving thousands of people each day just by your presence. You are perfect, you are whole, you are healed and most importantly: you are loved beyond time and space.
Be you, always.”

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