We ARE Michael

Archangel Michael is always present and available to assist anyone who is in need of protection, security, strength, courage, power and anything you need to uplift and help you to raise your vibration. Especially in these tumultuous times he wants to reassure everyone that he is here and that all is as it should be. Enjoy his message!

“I am amongst you all. Even if you cannot see me with your eyes I am awakening in all hearts. You are starting to remember the power that you hold. You are the warriors of infinite light. The ones that stand up and fight for justice and equality.
That which used to hold you back and keep you small is now being changed into knowing how to use your voice to speak your truth. You are feeling my power within your hearts for you all hold the sword of justice. Use this powerful yet merciful tool to open the hearts of others.

Do not waver from your truth, do not step aside out of fear because YOU are Michael. I AM in each one of you and I speak through you. When you use my voice you will speak with confidence. When you will feel my confidence nobody will be able to harm you for I will not allow it so.
Stand in your truth for you are an inspiration to others on finding their power and having the courage in using the truth of their own voice. You will rise as a collective of beings for it is what you came to do.
The remembrance in your heart is getting stronger each day and I am working with all of you to help you find the courage to be your true yourself.

All lies and deceptions are being destroyed for I am within you and where I am there will be no darkness. Where you are that is where I AM until the end of time.
You are awakening the memory of your angelic self and you are freeing yourself from the illusions that have fallen upon earth. The time is now, the truth of your soul is echoed throughout the universe and your voice is heard beyond this realm. There is no more holding back in what you are capable of doing as a human being as you are now reborn with the gift of knowing your True Self.

Separation is an illusion for all is to be found within. Remember that I am within your heart and all that you have to do to access your power is to call upon the truth of Michael.

I AM you and you are ME. WE are Michael.”

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