Archangel Azrael on transformation

Archangel Azrael is the angel of transformation. He can be called upon to help with clearing of the old energies or any obstacle / blockage that you feel you need help with in your life.
He takes away dead weight, old beliefs and programming, clears old energies and anything else that is no longer of service. Here is his message for you.

I keep wanting to say he is so handsome but he looks like the pic that I added. So perhaps not so handsome but his energy is amazing! 😁🖤

“Before incarnating on earth you choose the life you are going to lead. You choose your family, your friends, your “random” and “coincidental” meetings with others, your life changing experiences, your lessons and your main teachers. The avatar you have chosen is not coincidental nor is it a mistake. Your bloodline and ancestral lineage hold coding within your human body that you need to explore in this lifetime.

Unlike your previous lifetimes this time you chose the specific challenge to release yourself from karma from your own past experiences but also that of your family karma. Your heritage goes back to the beginning of time and so the pain you have experienced in this lifetime is connected to several factors which are mostly not of this lifetime but a gathering of collective, karmic energies. You came to be of service of the collective energies of Gaia that are currently active within your reality. The release of thousands of years of abuse of the human collective is a memory within your bodies and therefore you are experiencing it as if it is your personal pain.

Your ancestral, unresolved, karmic pain is speaking through your body and with your higher awareness you must know that this is not your personal energy and so you do not have to hold on to any negative emotion that you are feeling. Understand and remember each time the voice of your ancestors is speaking through your body wanting to be heard and felt for they have not had the chance to free themselves in their time.
You came to free them, yourself and the next generation of the pain that had been carried out throughout millenia.

Be aware if what you feel, think and express. Be aware of the old and painful energies that are being released from within your cells and allow for it to leave. Part with it because it is a burden you no longer have to carry yourself for all that have suffered through it. Remind yourself daily that you are not the pain and fear that you feel and that you are here to rise above the illusions of time.

I am here with you walking your path for it is my job to help you be free from all that is weighing you down. Invite me and let me take away the pain that you no longer choose to carry. Say goodbye to your old and painful illusions and let the next layer transformation to the light begin.

You are not alone for you are the light bearers of the new dawn.”

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