Pain is an illusion, seperation is a belief, fear is a lie.

This is a dark Elven aspect of a soul brother that I am sharing with love and gratitude.
He is a guardian of a portal to the underworld. He has so much wisdom and power in him that he is definitely not the one to mess in. Fire, fierceness, power and love. Here is his message for you. Enjoy. 💜

“When you first came into this world you were all made to believe that darkness is frightening and that it is never to be trusted. It is a place where you do not want to go for you will be consumed with energies that are there to harm you and that you cannot be saved from once you turn that way. They made made a bug seem like it is a monster that will catch and never release you.

They made you think that death is to be feared because you are unworthy to be loved. These are beliefs and fears that are still alive in the majority of humanity even though they are not consciously aware of it. It has been told for so long it has become a truth of the human belief system. Eons the same lies have been told over and over again until now. You are awakening as a collective to the truth of what darkness is and to the role it is playing in your human lives. In order for you to truly awaken to your truth all that is not of the light must now come to surface to shake all your subconscious beliefs to the core. Your core is now beginning to come through and to break through the lies within your human system. The light is breaking through your DNA programming and it is changing to a new awareness.
Your body is starting to feel how pure you are despite the darkness that you all have chosen to experience in this lifetime and in many other timelines.

You are starting to see the truth in darkness and it is of great service for you to see that it is here to help you see your own light. It will become as dark as you choose it to be for you to start seeing the light that you shine within. As soon as you accept that you too have walked in darkness at some point in history that you can see the eternal light that you are.

Darkness is truly not to be feared but to be seen for what it really is: a gift to help you awaken to your truth. Choose to not see monsters but choose to see the love behind the lesson it is bringing you.

Pain is an illusion, seperation is a belief, fear is a lie. You have never been damaged, unpure, tainted, unforgiven, dirty, worthless or any other beliefs that you have heard about yourself. You have always been the light even if you have dwelled in darkness. You have always been accepted no matter what role you chose to play for yourself and for others.

All has always been forgiven simply because there was nothing that ever needed to be forgiven.
YOU are the light even when you have been wrapped in darkness. You have a choice in this life to be healed by acceptance, love and mercy. Choose not to anger yourself at those that have chosen to walk in darkness in this life for it is their path. Let go of the judgement and release your fears. Instead believe in who YOU are and embrace yourself fully in every role you have ever played.

You can only walk your path in your truth when you see dark and light within your own experiences. Do not fear it for you will fear yourself.
Own all your experiences for you will then own all of your power. You are light AND dark. You are in perfect union with all parts of yourself. Even the ones that you think are broken or not good enough.

You ARE and have always been a perfect creation of Source in the physical embodiment.
Remember this truth and love who you are.”

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