Set your inner child free and be YOU

Writing is one of the things that I truly love doing. Words have energy and this can be a way to heal emotions that have never been expressed before. I have a lot of emotions that I have never been able to share or put into words in the past. There was nobody that taught me how important it is to listen to my emotions and to voice them so that they can be valued and heard. Even if it is just for myself and even if others do not understand it is so important to acknowledge feelings and share them. Out loud, recorded, written, for yourself or for others.. In any way it feels good to you.

As many others I have tucked away my emotions because I didn’t know what to do with them and the best way is to just continue with life without standing still for too long, right? Dismiss what you feel, swallow what you are told, don’t pay attention to that nagging pain inside and keep the focus on the future. That is how I used to live my life simply cause I didn’t know any better. If I used to express my emotions it was in anger or frustration because I have bottled up so much they burst out in moments where I was pushed to finally feel them. And yet I was not able to place why I was so upset because it was so extreme. The truth is when you burst then all that you have gathered from the years before is coming out like a volcano. There can be so many emotions coming out at once that you do not even know where the beginning point of it all is.

So much inner child pain is coming up now to feel and to be acknowledged. It wants to be heard, loved, accepted and to express the pain that it was not able to do in childhood. Do you remember being told to keep going and to suck it up? That you needed to follow the rules and to obey what your parents / family / society says? The voice of a child is often oppressed because it is not thought of as an equal. A child is less and a child does not know what is right and what is wrong. The innocence of a child is disregarded and overthrown. It is considered to be a weakness to be sensitive and naive like a child. And so as children we started to accept the truths of those that we love even if they were painful. No matter the abuse, ignorance, rejection, frustration, impatience, discomfort that we experienced we accepted them because in the end all we wanted to feel is love. We started to push away our feelings because they were invalid and wrong. Our love was considered to be a weakness and so we started to dislike who we are and strived to become better and loveable. And this is where we are centuries later as the human collective.
We are striving to be better, to do better, to prove that we are worth to be loved and accepted. But this is an endless cycle because as long as we don’t love and accept the way we are right now we will never feel the love that we craved for as a child.
So if you feel like bursting like a volcano, if you feel like breaking down and crying, if you feel like today is the day you need to walk out of the job that you are being belittled and oppressed then DO it!
You have to start doing what nobody else has ever done for you: listen, love, value, express and stand up for your feelings. You have the right to be here with all that you are and all that you feel. There is no wrong about you and there is no expectation for you to be any better than you are.
You are enough, what you have to say matters, what you feel is valid, what you need right now is just to be YOU without limitations or expectations.

True freedom lies within the expression of our deepest desires. It is now time to break free from the chackles we were put in and that we have kept ourselves in for a very long time. If we break these now then we are the ones that will break these for our ancestors and the future generation.

Dare to express yourself and your deepest emotions. Don’t be afraid of them because there is a part of you that is screaming to be heard. The world needs your voice and we all need each other so we can support one another. This is how we rise, this is how we accomplish unity and this is how we create peace in this world.
You were born to do this even if you were told the opposite.
You can do this, WE are doing this together!

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