Awakening through self-awareness

I have the honor to share this twin flame painting with you from a beautiful soul sister. They are merbeings that have been in Atlantis but their origin is from Sirius.
Here is their message for you. 💙

“Beloved ones, you are all on earth to have your personal experiences yet you are a part of a whole. You are part of a bigger plan and you are connected and intertwined with all life within this existence and beyond that. Each of you are playing an important and significant part in in this life and time on earth. You have brought your interdimensional connections with you to this life so that you can see that seperation is only to be found within the illusion of the third dimensional experience.
As you are shedding these beliefs and as you are opening your eyes you can see how colored and layered all of existence truly is.
We do not experience seperation as you do in the higher dimensions because we are aware of our connection to the heart of the Universe.

When you chose to descend to this earth plane you knew that it would be challenging for you to break through limitations and to see through the pain felt by yourself and felt by others. You chose to be a mirror and a reflection to many. Some could see beauty in you and some could only see the pain that they feel inside. Because of this you too might have experienced pain of rejection and not acceptance. Know not to take things too personally and let it affect you too much for you have come to heal parts within yourself and others that are ready to be released. It can be a painful process to release illusions and beliefs yet you will gain freedom when this is over. Every piece that you are shedding is being replaced with unconditional love and the memory of your soul.

Look at yourself and see the brave soul that you are who took on this job of setting yourself and others free from thousands of years of layered conditions and beliefs. You are setting yourself free so you can see the multi-dimensional beings that you are. There will be people that judge you, that reject you, that do not see your worth for you are a mirror to the unhealed parts within themselves. This is what you came to do. You came to awaken people through self-reflection and self-awareness. And for this you must applaud yourself and be aware that this is one of your jobs here on earth.
You came to awaken others through the power of your heart and so the world is awakening because you are choosing to heal yourself. Every day you get the chance to love yourself and when you do this you will reflect this within others.

Choose for love, choose to love. Believe that you are all equal and that you all share the same connections. You came as a whole to work together and as soon as you feel the power within yourself you will feel the power of humanity.”

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