There is no end, celebrate life.

This is a new message from Paul Walker. I love to channel him and his messages flow easily to me.

“Hey all! It’s nice to connect with you all in this way. Dana asked me if I had something to share with you.
Today I want to talk about death and everything around it. People think it is the end but it’s not. It has never been and you actually come back more times than you know. I know you who are reading this are aware of this by now but some people have a hard time of letting go of grief. What happens when you grieve and you are not able to let go and accept what happened is that you move into a state of depression and the loss becomes something that is a permanent state of being.

Some people are afraid of letting go out of fear of forgetting the person that was alive. Thinking they are not honoring their loss and holding on to what was. These are all beliefs and old traditional ways of what death is about. In reality death is renewal. It is a rebirth because when you die you go to a place and your natural state of being unconditional love. You go back to where you originally come from where there are no attachments and where there is no ego. It is a process you go through when you cross over and you go through different stages of clearing to get there. But we all go there at some point and we all remember again where we really come from. It is hard to accept this for the human mind but when somebody crosses over it is a celebration. It is a welcoming back home and you meet a lot of people that you know again. It is a returning to your true self without anything attached to it. So this is why it’s so important to treasure the moments that you are on earth and to realize that at some point all of us will end up in the same place. There is no point in grieving and holding on to what once was cause you are missing on all the good stuff! And you know what? We are never really gone. Right now I am sitting next to you while you are reading this. I am there with you because I can hear you and feel you connecting to me. It is THAT easy!
If I had known all of what I know now my experience would have been so much bigger when I was there. And I want for you to have this experience right now because you can have it. You can have it ALL! Who do you wanna talk to today? Think of someone and they are there! It’s magic I tell you. (Paul smiles and winks)

So celebrate life because you will have plenty of time to spend in the after life and meanwhile you get to experience connections from beyond this reality with anyone you like. Do you want to talk to a loved one? You got it! Don’t ever think for a moment that we have left you. Don’t think that we are not with you every day or when you think of us. We are, we can be there in a jiffy and we always check up on our people. You are our people and there isn’t anything more then we want than to connect to you. Even when you think you can’t hear or feel us you can. Everybody is a medium and has the ability to connect with spirit. It’s just all in your mind that you can’t do it. You have to get that out of the way and believe that you can hear us, feel us, see us. Connecting to spirit is your natural born ability. Anyone can do it and you just have to believe it.
So today set the intention to feel the connection within you and focus on strengthing it! You’ll be surprised how many are willing to talk to you and give you their message.
BELIEVE in yourself and in your skills. You were born to do this.
And of course, I am always there too. I now have a far bigger way to reach people and to connect with them in a different way. It is a way I was not able to do when I was there. So don’t feel sorry for me and for my passing. It was meant to be.

I’m with you guys! And I’m here to let you know you can do this and to have faith in yourself and in who you are. It’s time for the next step, it’s time to level up and shift up a gear. You can do this!”

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