Your God / Goddess essence

The Egyptian Gods / Goddesses are a big part of the human history. We all have connections that go back to them. We are able to access the memories of our most prominent and important incarnations to remember who really are on a soul level. This is an Egyptian aspect of a soul sister.

Here is her message:

“All of you hold light codes from your essence as Gods and Goddesses. Each one of you that is walking this earth right now has the the power to change reality as you know it. As the memories within you are awakening you will be able to see that creation and manifestation is a work that happens from the inside. If you are reading this then you are aware of this information but as your world continues to awaken more Gods and Goddesses will realize this truth as well.

It is now up to you to hold your thoughts pure and stay away from distractions that will steer you away from this truth. Keep focusing on the inside and feel the changes you want to see happen within your reality. Continue to release your attachments to the outcome and trust that what you feel is already occuring and in alignment with what is for the highest good. As this year comes to an end you will receive more light and you will come more into your power. You are confident, strong, resilient, powerful, worthy and you have the essence of the universe within you.

Keep reminding yourself that power comes from the inside, that change starts from within, that love is to be found within your core and that all is changing according the beliefs that you carry within.

The world is expanding and humanity is raising their awareness more and more each day. There is no other outcome to this transformation then for all of this world to know and feel unconditional love.
This is what you came to remember for you are and have always been complete.”

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