Open your vision to look through darkness

This is a dark aspect painting of a beautiful soul sister that has a very bright light within her.
The dark aspect is a powerful energy that is able to bring balance and healing into the unseen and unloved parts within ourselves. It is a part many have yet to connect with but when this happens all illusion of fear will dissipate.

Here is her message for you all!

“As a divine, human being you hold the key to creation. You have the power to choose the way you perceive your experiences and the way you handle your emotions. Darkness is not scary when you look at it through divine perception. When you solely use your human eyes you will run because what you see is a reflection of the unacknowledged parts within yourself. This can be perceived as ugly, hideous, horrific and disgusting. And so these painful parts will present themselves as demons that dwell deep within the realm of the dark. Yet all they are parts of yourself that are in pain and are in need of your unconditional love.
When you shed your eternal light into the darkness of your pain you will see the hidden beauty within yourself. There is a diamond within you that can only shine when you commit to loving every part of yourself. Your world is in dire need to feel love and acceptance. This is why you see so much darkness around you within the human collective.

If you open your true vision then you will see through your limited perspective of the physical reality. The physical reality is full with illusions. You are divided in right and wrong. You are battling each other and fighting over personal perceptions. This is not the way way to find truth and each perception is a personal reflection of core beliefs that come from within. It is time to discover what lies hidden beneath the surface and look beyond the darkness that is presented in your world.

Have you looked within to love your darkness? Do you realize that love is the key to free yourself from the fears that hold this world captured? You are the key to the transformation of this world. It is because of YOU and your love for yourself that the world is going through a rapid tranformation as we speak.
Once you see darkness for the diamond it truly is you will understand that nothing can ever cause you harm. Look deep within and discover the light that this hidden blessing holds. You are all diamonds no matter what dimension or vibration you find yourself in. The sooner you discover this the faster you will see your world as a beautiful place of diversion.
No seperation even within your human perception of what darkness is.

Love, it all comes down to love. Embrace, accept, forgive and love all parts within yourself. It is now time to uncover the hidden parts and see how powerful you are.”

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