The magical union of all aspects

This is a twin flame painting of a beautiful soul sister that I may share with you.
Feel into their power and knowledge and let the sun shine into your heart. We all hold ancient wisdom from our ancestors. The magic of Gaia runs through our blood.
Enjoy their message!

“All elements within you are joining each other in union. Earth, water, fire and air are no longer in seperation and are not in battle against each other. The union within is happening in many layers of your being as Gaia is coming into completion.

The clearing you are going through within are the conflicts and battles of many centuries against your own nature. The elements that you hold within are not to be played out against each other but to be united as one. The fears that have been caused because of memories where you have been seperated from your true self are clearing. The painful memories of your ancestors and of your bloodline karma are being freed. The chains that have been put on you through millenia are no longer active within you and you are being set free in every way possible. Remember that you have all the ancestors with you to help you through this transformation as you are healing the whole of humanity. There have been many healers and magicians within your bloodline that are now assisting you with your transformation. The memory of this runs within your blood.

You are ONE with all of your ancestors and you can use their help and knowledge to remember your strength. New Earth is here. This new consciousness is a creation that is being born from within you.

You are the creator and all change that occurs is from the new awareness created from within you. Remember your strength and the power of oneness.”

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