Opening of the crown chakra for higher awareness.

I created this twin flame painting for a soul sister whose origin is from Sirius. Sharing it with you with much gratitude and love.

The masculine and the feminine are joined within one body in perfect balance and union. There is no seperation from our soul and we can already feel the change of the work we have been doing on ourselves for so long.
We are merging with our own essence and expanding daily so we can be and feel the unconditional love within this physical experience.
When we come into balance from within we will experience this from without.

Allow yourself to receive what you need at this time from this being in union by setting your intention to do so. Always do this from a place of love as this is what you will receive back.

This is a message from this twin flame in union, spoken in one voice and in harmony:

“The time where you solely rely on the knowledge of your mind and in the perception of the material world is coming to an end. Your crown chakra is opening to receive information from Sirius and your home planets.

You have all chosen to ground the essence of your souls knowledge into your physical body. Therefore you will remember more of the knowledge specifically related to where you come from and the places you call your true home. Your gifts will flourish even more, your natural talents will be enhanced and you will develop new skills. As your brain capacity becomes bigger you will be able to experience new things like telekinesis. The young ones on this earth already have the activations within them to do this and they will help the next generations with the development of many other skills like this.

You have chosen to bring the frequency of your home planets to earth with you at this time because this will help shift the frequency of the whole planet. You are all working together and your energies are intertwined. You all are part of each other like pieces to a bigger puzzle. You are in constant communication with your home planets and with other souls who are on the same mission on earth. You might not be aware of your interactions, yet it is happening in the astral planes as you exchange information and energy.

You are all messengers and you are all working around the clock in helping earth to move into a higher frequency. You are all masters of energy. Your courage and wisdom is something that is greatly admired and acknowledged by the beings that support you from the higher dimensions.
You have to be aware and understand that you are not less than them and that the job you have taken upon on this time is very important. Therefore you receive all the support that you need.

Be at peace knowing that you are doing what you came to do and even when you feel you are not doing enough you are in fact constantly relaying information to the higher realms. You are multi-dimensional after all and you are at many places at the same time. Communication is instant and your energy travels further than your mind can comprehend. You are sitting here now reading this and I can hear you speaking to me at the same time.

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