Change is inevitable

This eleven painting is created for a soul sister with a beautiful connection to nature.

Can you feel the energy of the elven realm? Enjoy her message!

“Dearest ones, change is inevitable. Not only is earth changing but all the planets in the universe are undergoing their own transformation. This is why the transformation that is occuring on earth is one that affects many other planets and why you are supported throughout the whole process.

Nothing on earth can go in the way that is not in favor of raising the consciousness of humanity. This is something that has been planned for a long time and this is the reason that you are here in this moment in this particular embodiment.

You might not yet believe it but there is a future waiting for you where you will live in harmony and prosperity. There where there is no need for survival and where there is no competition or struggle. Those of you who are reading this are here to create this new world with the knoweldge you have brought with you from many different planets.

You are the peacemakers and you are creating a world where there is enough for everybody. Do not feel guilty for not doing enough for you are here to end the internal battles so that peace can be felt from within. All that you want to accomplish and gain begins from within yourself. You are receiving much help and many tools to win these battles and this is where your focus is needed the most.

Go within when the world gets too much. This is the best way to make change occur and to remember the feeling you want bring to earth. It is not about battling others or winning a fight. It is about making peace within yourself and uniting the pieces that have lived in seperation for many generations. By doing this you are restoring many connections throughout the universe that have lived in seperation. You are bringing it all together and uniting so that oneness can be remembered.

The change is happening and much more is yet to come that will bring you light and harmony in your life. Keep focusing on your own journey for that is how the whole world will benefit from the change that is occurring from with you.”

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