Transcending your thoughts to look through duality

An intuitive painting for a beautiful souls sister!
So grateful to be able to share this galactic guide with you.
This painting is infused with many high vibrational energies but the divine wisdom is palpable.

Tune into her frequency by connecting with this image. A download with light codes that you need will come through. Always set the intention to receive what is for your highest good. And so it is!
Here is her message:

“Your growth happens in stages and it evolves gradually. Although you are all expanding your awareness as a collective you will find that many are in different stages. Therefore you will not always relate to those that are on the same path as you and they will seem far away from where you are.
This is happening within the human collective right now and this is part of your growth together. Even if it seems as you have different views and opinions your ultimate goal is the same: to remember where you come from.

The path you choose to get there is unique to each and one of you. You will not always agree on the things you see from each other or the way that you express yourself. You have to let go of labeling things as wrong or right. The path you are on is one that is personal to you and if you do not relate to how another one walks it treat them with respect and honor their choices.

In order to transcend duality you must become aware when you are participating in it yourself. Be aware of your thoughts and perceptions. Be mindful who you listen to and what discussions you engage with. If you watch and read things that show any sign of duality then know that it is your choice to participate in it by the way you think about it. If you want to end a war then seek this within yourself. You can disarm anything from within yourself because this is where you can shift any frequency to love.
The beginning of any change and shift is always from within yourself.

The work that you have been doing on healing yourself and releasing your past wounds is exactly the change that this world needs. If you see chaos, disruption, arguments, disagreements in your surroundings it is because this is active within the collective energy field of this environment. Go within to alchemize these frequencies and consciously work with the Source energy available within you.
Remember you have your galactic guides and and a myriad of light beings available for you to work with you to enhance your power. Connect with your soul family to continue the work of growth you are doing on this planet. Be aware of the power of change that you have within your own body because of the light frequency you carry.

Everywhere you go you bring in light codes through your energetic field. You are the change that the world needs right now and you bring it through with your own unique frequency of love.

You walk, you eat, you breath, you speak, you express the frequency that you allow yourself to feel. So feel love with everything you do no matter how challenging it may feel because that is what you will experience.

Be aware of your thoughts and be present in the moment to be fully connected to your own soul.
This is where your strength lies: with the awareness that everything is love.”

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