Archangel Michael: No veil shall cover your eyes, no illusion shall dim your light, no lie shall be told for I AM within you.

This is the channeled portrait of AA Michael that I have created recently.
His presence and energy light up the room with so much power.

He always makes me feel confident and strong when I channel him. Enjoy his message! 💙

“Beloved ones, you all have the strength and the power to get through these tumultuous times that humanity is experiencing. You all have what it takes to see through the illusions that are created outside of you. These illusions are losing their grip on you. They no longer have a anything to attach themselves to as you are releasing yourself from past experiences and as you are freeing yourself from many lifetimes where you were controlled by outside forces. These forces can only have power unless you give them the power.

Now you have the knowledge and the awareness of this power that is and always has been within you. The awakening is happening and you will continue to awaken others by the power of your own knowledge. I am speaking of the of the knowledge you have within your soul.
This force of light is shining strongly and by doing so you are naturally connecting to others who shine just as bright as you.

I want to remind you that you are always connected to the light of Source. The stability, security, safety and comfort is something that is to be found within yourself. Your light is what will keep your path clear and secure. Keep the focus on your own light to illuminate your journey.

You are the beacons who others will turn to for hope and for strength. Do not get distracted by trivial things. Do not get into arguments that do not serve the highest good. Instead turn inward to remember that the light within you speaks louder than a thousand words. Expand your light and become aware of the power that it has when you find yourself pulled into illusions of the world. Do not engage in conversations and in situations which are of no benefit for yourself or others.

Keep being brave, keep going strong in the belief and knowledge of who you are. YOU are Michael I am standing with you as I have always done.

No veil shall cover your eyes, no illusion shall dim your light, no lie shall be told for I AM within you.
Use my sword of justice to cut through deceit and use my voice of truth to stand within your right.
We are Michael. “

🔥AA Michaels image is for sale for those that want to print it out and fill their space with his light.
Email me if you would like to have it. 💙

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