Love is stronger than fear

I hardly ever share my thoughts and feelings about the pandemic since everyone has their own opinion about it. I don’t want to start discussions of who is right or wrong. What I feel is true for me, it doesn’t have to be for others.
But maybe somehow you will be able to relate to it or it might help to see things from a different perspective. So sharing it with much love!

Since the whole pandemic experience happened in our world I have been feeling like I have stepped into another reality. Walking around in the streets and grocery shopps feels like a whole new, weird, crazy experience.
People being scared of getting closer, people commenting on how to wear a mask properly and telling others to keep distance, people afraid to touch each other, aggressive people even, people yelling at others to stay away, the police giving fines for not wearing a mask or meeting up with their loved ones.. And the list goes on.

It is incredible and mind boggling to see for me that fear of death has such an impact on the human psyche and that staying “safe” physically has become more important than having an emotional and physically close connection with each other. As human beings we NEED physical and emotional connection to feel safe and supported and not to go insane.

While many believe they are allowing this disconnection to each other to stay safe what is really happens is that they are disconnecting themselves from their true nature. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual interaction amongst each other is healing and uplifting. It is simply necessary for our human spirit to have this connection with each other.

At times I have been feeling discouraged to see how people think and at what level they are at with their perception about this whole happening.
Everything happens for a very good reason in the Universe and this is also part of a bigger plan. Although we might not see this in our current reality the reason behind it always serves a higher purpose. But because we live in this world and amongst people that do not share this awareness it can get draining and frustrating to need to adjust to fit into a limited perception of others. To follow these rules blindly because others believe it’s the best can be triggering and I have been triggered many times. I will not lie about that and it has been very challenging at times. But I am grateful for the triggers because I was able to free myself from the enslavement and opression I have felt inside with every trigger.

I have felt isolated and alone at times in this physical reality because it seems that the majority of people are driven by this fear and outnumber those that can see through the chaos of this pandemic.
I know many soul brothers and sisters that are aware and can see through this illusion but that are spread all over the world.
I have been wondering how many people are really able to see and feel their truth and rise above the fear that the collective is now faced with.

How many are there that choose for love over fear? How many that choose for a touch over keeping distance? How many choose to see and give a smile over wearing a mask?

Don’t misunderstand me: the virus is real and people have crossed over because of it. Yet once again: there is a higher purpose for all that is happening and no soul is ever lost. Death is part of this human life. We are all on a mission and we are not here to judge how this journey happens for others.
We are here on this journey together and the more we align with our own inner truth the more we will feel at peace and connected to each other. In the end the universal truth is the same for each and one of us. Let’s tap into that and join our forces in creating a world that is a reflection of our peaceful nature.

My spirit guides have shown me a dream where I was in a train which was full with people. They were sitting close to each other. Some were talking, some were holding hands. But what I noticed is that nobody was wearing a mask and nobody was afraid. I was surprised at this and I spoke to a man sitting across me asking why he wasn’t wearing a mask since it’s obligated. He looked at me with a smile and said: “you know you are not the only one that is aware. There are many like you in the world.” And he winked at me reassuringly as to say I wasn’t alone and there are many who feel the exact same way as me.

I woke up with the feeling knowing I am not alone and even when we don’t see them we have soul family walking by our side. Some awake, some awakening, some to be awakened. But we are all in this journey together walking our individual path hand in hand.

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