End the battle within and you will end the battles on earth.

This is an intuitive painting I created for a soul sister.
This is the nature Goddess Mari with her air dragon. This message is so important right now. I hope you can feel it as well.
Being human and being here is a privilege. Life is a gift. ❤️🌍

“Dearest ones, the qualities you have as a human being are gifts from beloved Gaia. What you have received while you were in the womb of your mother are treasures of this earth for your connection to this realm has already been established from that point. You have decided which traits you would have before your soul entered your body of choice. You chose these specific qualities with love and understanding that this is who you are meant to be. You have this human and divine avatar for a short timebeing and so it is for your benefit that you embrace all that which you have chosen to embody at this time.

You did not come to only see the positive qualities about yourself and to ascend into being an enlightened master. You already are a master but what you came to experience is being human. The full embodiment of your physical and dualistic human nature with the awareness and knowledge you are and always will be a divine being. No part of your human experience should be denied or pushed away. You need not to punish yourself for having negative qualties for these are a part if you as nature is a part of Gaia. Your anger, your rage, your jealousy, your envy, your vengeful feelings are part of your human experience and when you deny them they will grow because it is only when you accept them as a part of yourself that they will transform into something that will fuel your passions.

You see, it is the denial of your emotions that turn these qualities into shadows. It is the lack of loving these parts of yourself that cause conflicts and battles within yourself and amongst others. Chaos and mischief can only rule when there is no love and acceptance in the rejected parts of human nature. You have walked this path of denial as the human race for a long time and now it has been enough. Now it is time for the light to enter the unseen parts of yourself and the unseen parts of your world.

What you see as demons in your world are emotions that have been transformed because they have not been loved. The more you deny and fight it the bigger these shadows /entities will become. You are the creators of your world and so you can feed what you feel inside as much as you wish to and it will grow. If you continue to deny your true human nature you will deny your true power and you will feed your fears. If you choose to look your demons in the eye you will discover your vulnerability and shadows will turn into light. Open your heart to the seemingly ugly and rejected aspects of yourself. Do not fight your demons but love them for they are the messengers of love. Everything that is reflected in your world is to remind you that love is to be found within yourself.

Every experience is divine, every shadow you encounter is a request to be loved and accepted. The more you realize this the easier life will become and the more you will be able to flow with what divine creation is reflecting back at you.
Hardships come from the denial of seeing the beauty if your dualistic nature. Duality on earth is not the problem it is the non-acceptance of negative experiences and human characteristics that bring disharmony and imbalance.
Bring love into yourself and your world will be a place of conscious experiences and greater appreciation of being alive in and being in your physical body. Your awareness creates your experiences and shapes your reality. Become aware of the gift of being here and of being your unique self. Accept you are love and that you are loved fully the way you are right now.

End the battle within and you will end the battles on earth.”

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